Providing a professional service in a friendly and comfortable environment, we will take care of all your family's dental needs.

The combination of care, personal attention to detail, and compassion is the defining note of our Practice.


We understand that going to the dentist can be overwhelming therefore we try to create an experience which will make you feel less anxious about future dentist appointments. We take time to listen and learn about our patients, to discuss their possible concerns, and proceed together to make it a comfortable and simplified dental experience for everyone.


Amenities we provide to achieve a more enjoyable experience

Zeiss Cinemizer Oled® video glasses OR TV mounted on the roof (the choice is yours) - Over 80% of human sensory impressions are perceived through our eyes and ears.

Numerous studies were already capable of establishing the link between positive audiovisual distraction and lowered stress, anxiety and pain perception.


As many as 75% of adult patients experience some degree of anxiety when visiting the dentist.


The Cinemizer® or TV will help you stay relaxed and forget where you are, decreasing anxiety and stress and improving your overall experience!

• Noise cancelling headphones - Provide an environment free from dental sounds and distractions.

• Movie Library - Watch your favourite Netflix show or movie on the Cinemizer® video glasses or the TV mounted on the operatory’s roof.

• Cozy Blankets - Our operatory environment are often cool. We want you to be relaxed and comfortable.

• Lip Conditioner - Dental work can make sensitive lips uncomfortable. We provide soothing conditioners to alleviate any discomfort.

• Hot/Cold Towels - After your treatment, you will be offered a hot/cold towel to freshen-up with. The perfect way to let you know we care about you.

• Digital X-rays - The patient is exposed to less radiation and is better for the environment as there are no hazardous waste disposal.

• Intra oral camera - People seldom have a clear idea of the actual status of their teeth. Now you can see the images of your own mouth and teeth on the screen. This enables you to become an informed partner in your dental care instead of a clueless bystander.

• STA® and The Wand® - Single Tooth Anaesthesia system. Instead of numbing the entire area around your damaged tooth with large, intimidating syringes, the Wand discreetly numbs the individual tooth dentists need to work on. It is also unique because it delivers a computer-controlled flow of anaesthesia rather than one large, stinging injection, creating a more comfortable numbing experience.

• CEREC® - One-visit veneers and crowns, no more uncomfortable impressions and long waiting periods.

• After hours “reachability” - We know that dental emergencies arise unexpectedly or maybe you just have a question after your treatment.


Dr Marieta is available for advice on the Practice’s cellphone. She is also part of an emergency network of Dentists in Stellenbosch, and can refer you to the Dentist on call if she is not available.